Silhouette Slimming Spa

Choose Silhouette Slimming Spa in Durban for your skincare and weight-loss treatments

Looking for a result-oriented skincare or slimming spa in the Durban area? Silhouette Slimming Spa, which is based in Phoenix, Durban, is the best place to get started on your weight-loss journey.

Health & Beauty spoke to the owner and head therapist, Amy Naidoo, who took us back to how she started Silhouette Slimming Spa.

“I was employed as a nail technician at a local beauty spa. There, I received training on many existing slimming products and treatments,” she describes.

“Unfortunately, that spa closed down.”

About Silhouette Slimming Spa

Amy says her passion about the industry led her to launch her own venture – turning a bad situation into a positive one.

“Because I had always dreamed of owning my own spa, I began conducting research on how and where I could open my own business and purchase the necessary tools and equipment,” she remembers.

“After purchasing what I needed, I then looked at different premises to open my spa. It did take time, but eventually, everything went according to plan and here I am today!”

Still, why name the spa ‘Silhouette’ slimming spa?

“I looked at names that were best suited for my business. We all know that a silhouette is a shape and outline of someone – and because it is a slimming spa, I couldn’t have picked out a better name,” Amy explains.

However, Silhouette Slimming Spa is not just different from other spas in name only.

“I focus on weight-loss and skincare. I do not offer other beauty treatments as I wanted to specialize in slimming and aesthetics,” Amy says.

“It is a private ladies-only spa with individual one-on-one attention done by myself only. I want my clients to feel comfortable at all times.”

Silhouette Slimming Spa treatments and services

She adds that Silhouette Slimming Spa offers affordable-yet-professional non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction, chilli-wraps for weight-loss, electronic muscle stimulant, chemical face peels and glutathione Iv Infusions

“My most popular treatments are the chemical face peels and non-Invasive ultrasonic liposuction,” Amy describes.

Silhouette Slimming Spa is open Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm and treatments are by appointments only.

Reviews from Silhouette Slimming Spa patrons

“My spa visit today was great.! Thank you for being so pleasant yet professional. I finally found a place that I can continue to go to from now on. Your salon is very impressive welcoming and warm. The chemical peels that my mum and I had was absolutely excellent. I would highly recommend you to family and friends,” Michelle Akoon wrote on their Facebook page.

LUlu Mhlongo added; “I love the clinic – it has been helping me a lot with my stomach. After 2 sessions, I have seen a huge difference and have lost a lot of fat – thank you Amy, you are such a star.”

To book your treatment at Silhouette Slimming Spa, call 083 784 0151 or email today.

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