C-Slim Laser Lipo

C-Slim Laser Lipo – the ‘easy’ way to weight loss!

If looking good and feeling better is among your New Year resolutions or plans for this year, C-Slim Laser Lipo in Salt Rock, Ballito can help you get there.

Research suggests that laser lipolysis could have advantages over traditional methods of slimming down. This technique breaks down fat cells (lipolysis) and the Endermologie (suction roller system) then stimulates the body’s circulation and lymphatic systems to metabolise and ultimately get rid of stubborn fat. 

Although weight loss is not huge, the body shape is changed significantly by smoothing out the lumpy, clumpy bits.

The laser makes the stubborn fat cells open up and release their mixture of lipids, water and other fatty acids. The reason why they don’t always get burnt off with normal exercise is that often these fat cells tend to condense and harden instead or opening up.

At C-Slim Laser Lipo, you are one step closer to that body that you have always wanted or dreamed of. The best thing about the procedure is the fact that the laser is adjustable to clients’ comfort levels and you will not feel a thing. 

Laser lipo is a completely non-surgical procedure that only takes about half an hour. However, in order to see results, you will need to undergo a few treatments.

Types of treatments offered at C-Slim Laser Lipo 

Using a combination of the most effective therapies for passive slimming, toning and weight loss, C-Slim Laser Lipo offers to help you drop a dress-size using Laser Lipo Body Sculpture. Its designed to target stubborn fat pockets and cellulite.

They also utilise Faradic treatment or Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which uses the application of electrical pulses to stimulate the muscles to contract resulting in a tightening and toning effect.

You should also look at their Anti-Aging RF Laser Facial. This treatment has been proven to tighten skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines while stimulating your body’s own collagen production for a more youthful appearance.

Their Ozone Steam Sauna offers both a high calorie burn (600 calories in a session) and an immune boosting health therapy for those with chronic pain, illness or metabolic disorders.

It is best to start with their Hormone Profiled Diet Plan and work with the slimming treatments to maximise the results. 

Reviews from people, who attended C-Slim Laser Lipo

“Best for women wanting value for money, upmarket environment,” Rae Dengler wrote.

C-Slim Laser Lipo is located at Shop 26, Salt Rock City, Salt Rock Road, Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast. Call 076 698 9994 or email info@c-slimlaserlipo.co.za. Visit them online at  cslimlaserlipo.wordpress.com. Alternatively, visit their studio – here is their location on Google Maps. Follow them on Facebook HERE.

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