Reach your weight-loss & fitness goals at CrossFit Ballito

I would definitely say that I am one person, who doesn’t shy away from physical exercise and trying new things. Both of these character traits were thrown into the limelight when I attended a session at CrossFit Ballito.

Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted by head coach, Emma Rogers. I found her ready and excited to put me through my paces – and show me what CrossFit Ballito has on offer for fitness fanatics and anyone just looking to stay in shape.

Since it would be my first-ever CrossFit session, Emma assured me that I would be fine.

I must say, everyone, who attended my session, was excited about the training and also eager to interact with me. It was clear to see that the CrossFit Ballito trainees take both their training and friendships seriously.

The session began with some warm-ups and then Emma explained that we would be learning to do an upside-down push-up. It is fair to say that this would also be a first for me – to be honest; I did not think I would be able to pull it off…

However, Emma is a great fitness trainer. She got us started with the baby steps, before slowly progressed to doing this exercise. I was surprised when I realised that I was actually managing to do the exercise routines – thanks to the assistance and advice I got from Emma.

The moment of truth arrived whereby we all had to do three sets of upside-down sit-ups and deadlifts. Once I had finished, I definitely felt a strong sense of accomplishment as I had managed to learn something that I had previously thought of as being a real challenge.

I would strongly recommend CrossFit Ballito to anyone, who is looking to burn excess calories and start the year on their best foot forward.

What you need to know about CrossFit Ballito

For those that are a bit unsure about joining, the gym offers a free introductory session. This is a great option so that you can have a feel of what to expect, without committing to anything. From what I saw, you will be happy to sign-up after that session!

CrossFit incorporates elements of high intensity interval training, plyometrics and calisthenics as well as a number of other forms of exercise. This medium of training allows one to cover virtually every muscle group.

A number of different options are available for people to choose from, depending on your preferences.

CrossFit Ballito offers a number of classes at various times of the day throughout the week. You really do not have an excuse to not train and reach your weight-loss or fitness goals.

Reviews by CrossFit Ballito fans

“I really enjoy Emma’s style of coaching. She really makes learning a new skill enjoyable. I found her class fun for all levels of fitness. She is not just a rad person she is a rad coach,’ wrote one of their clients, Roland.

Karla Brink added; “Incredible coaches and environment! I love being at Ballito Crossfit and working with Emma! She has become a good friend as well as a great coach! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get or stay fit and strong, and have an awesome time in the process!”

How to book your session at CrossFit Ballito

CrossFit Ballito is located at Wow Park, 2 Gourly Road, Ballito. Give them a call on 081 716 5540 or email Visit their website at Here is their location on Google Maps.

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