Body20 Town Square

One of a kind workout at Body20 Town Square in Roodepoort

Experience a unique full body workout at Body20 Town Square. Based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, the studio boasts some of the best facilities with highly trained personnel that will provide a complete and driven one-on-one Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training session.

At Body20 Town Square, you will get an intensive full body workout, all in 20 minutes.

Their unique and customised EMS training programme will leave you with a full body training session that is equal to hours spent in the gym.

Become a better & stronger YOU at Body20 Town Square in Roodepoort

In just 20 minutes, Body20 Town Square will give you an intense but low impact training experience.

The EMS training programme mimics the natural action of the central nervous system by sending electrical impulses so that your deep muscle fibres contract.

Within 20 minutes you will be put through a customized one on one training session with your personal trainer; your body will receive more than 150 muscle contractions during this 20 minute session. 

With the muscle contraction that will utilise and involuntary muscle contraction of up to 80%.  

This is an experience not to miss as this will proof to be better that any conventional training session you ever had.

Body20 Town Square has the perfect customised training programme that will benefit any individual. 

By making the Body20 training program part of your destination you will soon see some of the following benefits, fat loss, cellulite reduction, strengthening of abdominal muscles, your posture and core, sports injury recovery, back pain relief, improvement of incontinence, as well as increased muscle definition.

To find out more about Body20 Town Square in Roodepoort and the EMS training programme, give them a call on 064 659 4321 / 082 531 1438 or email Visit their website at

Body20 Town Square

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