Why 360 Specialized Training is among the best gyms in Cape Town

Location: Observatory, Cape Town

Author: Tai Chishakwe

If you are seeking body transformation, conditioning, strength and endurance training, 360 Specialized Training certainly offers among the best workout training and gym facilities in Observatory, Cape Town. 

The gym describes their unique offering as; “A rejuvenating concept of revolutionized personal training; extremely functional yet scientific; creatively insane yet structured and brutally tough yet enjoyable, which provides optimum health and maximum results!”

360 Specialized Training is owned by experienced trainer and author, Chris Walsh. 

Chris is a health icon with massive credibility and is a highly sought after personal trainer. With his wealth of fitness knowledge and sporting background, he has modelled for multiple health magazines, run online body transformation programs and organised various fitness events.

He began his journey in the fitness industry over 20 years ago as a Fitness Instructor in Claremont, Cape Town.

He then migrated to the UK for a career in football, before again finding himself as a highly sought after trainer. Consequently, he decided to devote his life to fitness training and had trained over 1 000 private clients during a seven-year stay there.

Chris spent another year being flown around the world as an activity coach and trainer for various high profile clients.

In 2009, he gave in to the desire to return home. With a team of 20 fitness trainers, 360 Specialized Training was born. It did not take long for the gym to achieve popularity in Cape Town.

However, wanting to be more exclusive, Chris transformed 360 Specialized Training into a much more niche product where he has a greater personal interaction with clients. Today, the gym is more result-focused. His motto; “We are here to teach, not to impress!”

About training at 360 Specialized Training gym

360 Specialized Training offers a realistic, healthy and maintainable approach to fitness training. Although done in a class structure, training is done at the individual’s level. Progressions and regressions allow novices to train alongside athletes. Consequently, the results are life-changing!

The name 360 means that you are challenged to confront your weaknesses to make your body more efficient by improving bio-motor abilities: speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

This is accompanied by passionate trainers, who make this a lifestyle approach by incorporating outdoor activities and crazy challenges. The result is unmatched body transformation!

Chris leads from the front and his coaching, attentiveness, motivation and enthusiasm will have you absolutely loving your workouts and raring to go.

360 Specialized Training offers one on one training, which is tailored to individual needs.

The best way to experience and exploit their offering is their Class Option. It is fun and structured with personal attention. It’s a great option for workmates, friends and couples and happens in a casual, focused and professional environment.

It is for anyone regardless of your current fitness levels. Beginners train alongside athletes in this unique gym setup

See their rates HERE. If you just want to try them out, feel free to sign-up for a free class!

What do people say about 360 Specialized Training?

“The only crew to ever push me toward notable progress. I miss the ou’s, the anything-is-possible environment and my strength… I’ll be back,” wrote Robin Wordsmith Payne on their Facebook page.

Vlado Pagac said; “Amazing place, great people, awesome crew, was a pleasure to train with. Love you guys…”

“I feel like I just found the right place at the right time and it couldn’t be any better. Finally! A gym where people actually care! They are excellent at identifying your needs, they offer solutions and they do it in a way that is intuitive and caring,” said Jessica Barker.

To find out more about the 360 Specialized Training, call 079 105 0981 or email chris@360training.co.za. Visit 1 Cole Street, Observatory, Cape Town and also find them on Facebook. Here is their location on Google Maps.

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