Melanie Tharratt

Specialist permanent makeup artist, Melanie Tharratt

Melanie Tharratt is an internationally qualified permanent makeup specialist with 5 years’ experience and, having been to spas and salons for many years, I can say that Melanie is the most meticulous and professional therapist I have ever been too.

Melanie specializes in all permanent makeup aspects as well as paramedical treatments such as nipple reconstruction and vitiligo camouflaging.

There has been a lot of negativity around permanent make but Melanie says, “My aim is to change people’s negative view about permanent makeup.”

All the products that Melanie uses, including the numbing agents used around the eye, are FDA approved and she works with the latest technology.  The pigments are all iron oxide free pigments (to prevent colour change) and are a combination of organic and inorganic.

Melanie Tharratt’s makeup solutions

Melanie offers a number of permanent make-up solutions.  There is eyebrow adding, creating and 3D eyebrows, lip liner and 3D lip liner and various eyeliners including top, bottom, traditional, designer and murcocial.

In addition, the removal of tattoos and permanent make-up and regimentation of vitiligo are also on the menu.

One of Melanie’s clients told me that they have very little eyebrow hair and that they are blind in their right eye making it very difficult for them to put on eyeliner. Having her eyebrows and eyeliner done was the best thing she ever did and she wished that she had done it sooner.

The first time I met Melanie I could tell how dedicated she was to making her clients happy and how professional she was in dealing with their individual needs. 

Melanie takes her job very seriously and always has a personal relationship with her clients as she is aware of how some people can be nervous about the procedures she offers.

Melanie’s knowledge and experience is such that she is also the Eastern Cape Permanent Makeup Trainer, educating other therapists on the correct procedures and products and she lectures to full time students.

For more information you can contact Melanie Tharratt on 082 769 3623 or

For more information on makeup, click here.

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