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IDD Skin Sense Beauty Salon will help you look after your skin

It was during a recent pamper session at IDD Skin Sense Beauty Salon, that I realised that my skin ‘routine’ of using a trusty face wipe night and day just does not work anymore! Nowadays, convenience is something we all appreciate, unfortunately concerning one’s health, convenient is not always best.

Upon arrival at the salon, which is situated at 9 Whitby Street, in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, the owner, Ingrid Davey, who has over 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry, almost immediately got wind of my ‘convenient’ skin routine and explained the importance of looking after one’s skin.

She said that the skin is exposed to the sun and pollutants daily, causing damage in various ways. Thus, a good skin routine is vital to cleanse, renew and protect one’s skin.

Ingrid also gave me some background about Environ, the range of products she uses, and explained more about the DF treatment that I would receive. The treatment enhances penetration of vitamins and serums into the skin using a machine that uses a combination of specifically pulsed electrical current and sound waves.

IDD Skin Sense Beauty Salon treatment

Excited to start, I robed up and got comfortable. Ingrid steamed, cleansed and exfoliated my skin before applying a vitamin serum and using a Sonophoresis probe, pushed the vitamins deeper into my skin.

A hydrating serum was then applied and a gauze mask attached to the machine. The mask conducts electrical current and sound waves into the skin so the serum reaches the deepest layers.

While my face was wrapped, my feet soaked in a foot spa and after relaxing to the soothing sounds of Enya, my feet were dried, scrubbed and a heel peel mask was applied. Ingrid began working on my nails and cuticles and finished with a coat of paint.

With the facial treatment complete, heels peeled and toenails painted, a lash tint and brow wax and tint remained.

The wax temperature was perfect and the process was quick and neatly done. She then applied tint to my lashes, which are rinsed before the brow tint, reducing the risk of movement and getting tint into the eyes. Ingrid even has a nifty trick for removing excess tint without burning the eyes. After the brow tint, I received a mirror to check the shape and colour.

I found Ingrid professional and friendly and she provided good advice. My feet were silky, my face rejuvenated and my brows and lashes pop nicely with no make-up. This is definitely a salon I will visit again!

For bookings and enquiries, call IDD Skin Sense on 041 583 3484 or email; also visit them online at

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