health hydro day spa

Health Hydro Day Spa is wonderful

My husband and I recently booked in at the amazing Health Hydro Day Spa, situated in Boksburg. After a long busy week, the weekend is always something to look forward to especially when there is a day at the spa scheduled in.

On arrival, we were welcomed by a soothing scent of lemongrass and offered a choice of tea or sherry. After finishing our tea, we were shown to our treatment room and left to get ready.  

What to expect at the Health Hydro Day Spa

The room was warm, beautifully fragranced with soft lighting – all the right elements for total relaxation. Our therapists, Mildred and Halle, returned to begin our journey to relaxation.

They ensured we were comfortable and checked our preferences before starting with our neck and shoulder massages. I must say they know their craft as I could immediately feel the tension in my muscles melting away as I drifted into absolute restfulness.

Before they moved to work on our legs and arms, we were given head massages, which felt as if all the knots were being pulled out from my scalp. I was amazed at how much tension we carry in our legs and arms! Every finger and every toe was massaged, while the arms were stretched.

They then turned onto our backs and we were given comfy pillows. Our heads were wrapped up and our eyes covered for ‘lights out’, which was very welcome. It’s the small attention to detail that makes a big difference in the resulting repose.

After the full body massage, we were left for a few minutes to revel in our peaceful state. Meanwhile, our therapists went to prepare for the next part of our treatment – a face cleanse and exfoliation. This was followed by their signature bamboo face mask, complete with cucumbers to cover our eyes.

When the face mask was later wiped off and moisturizing cream gently massaged into the skin, I could not believe the makeover.

I was thoroughly impressed with my treatment and the friendly and professional service from the staff at Health Hydro Day Spa. The spa itself was refreshing in everything from the décor to the scent and the warm tones of the treatment areas. I left relaxed with all the intention of visiting again.

To find out about their treatments and specials, call 082 826 7415 or visit today.  Find them at 8 View Point Rd, Bardene, Boksburg or on Google Maps by clicking here.

For more information on Spas, click here.

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