Top 5 websites for a weight loss diet plan

By Jesica Slabbert

Weight loss, a concept that has made women shed tears and men to brood; losing weight is a struggle that many face at some point in their life. There are those, who struggle with gym and eating right and those who take expensive treatments like body wraps or fat freezing.

I don’t believe that there are short cuts to losing weight that actually last in the long term. As someone, who has tried a shortcut I can say with certainty that it’s best to lose weight the good old fashioned way; a stable diet and decent exercise.

But, how do you come up with the ideal eating and diet plan that works for you? Luckily, there are a few websites, who know exactly how to construct one that not only suits you, but allows you to enjoy what you eat!

Here is a list of the top 5 websites for a weight loss diet plan:


This website gives you the basics on how to reduce your appetite and eat foods that will help you lose weight, and at a faster pace. They give you simple instructions on what you should cut out of your diet to become healthier such as sugars and starches and give you a basic run down of what kind of improvements you will see by following their eating plan.

To see their diet plan, click here.


With a healthy diet and exercise combined you can be assured you will lose weight, and Noom aims to prove it. The website does a quick online evaluation so they know more about your body type and diet, so they can construct something tailored specifically for you. 

They aim to create long-term results by helping you develop healthy habits, and not chain you down with restrictive dieting. They then email their diet plan to you and give you a projected timeline for when you can reach your ideal weight!

To get your own diet plan from Noom, click here.


This website is all about constructing the perfect, healthy meal plan for you. They give you a list of foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, each with an explanation of why it is best to eat their choices instead of what you usually do. 

Every day for five days you can enjoy something new so you don’t get bored with what you are eating. For some of their dishes they will give you recipes to try as well.

To get a diet plan from Pritikin, click here.

Eating Well

This website constructs a seven day meal plan to help you lose weight, about 1200 calories. Every day has something different and there are two meals to enjoy a day. They give you a step-by-step method of preparing your meals and give you a total calorie count so you can keep track.

To get a diet plan from Eating Well, click here.


Here you will find that this website has divided their meal options into breakfast, lunch and dinner, allowing you to decide what you would like to eat during the day. They explain how their diet plan works and give you a breakdown of what you should do in order to enjoy a fully balanced diet.

To take a look at the diet plan from Essentials, click here.

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