Accessories every woman should have

By: Jesica Slabbert

As women, we have a tendency to carry as many things as possible. Sometimes even taking some of the most ridiculous items because we believe we may need them… someday. But when it comes down to accessories, there are some that every woman needs to make sure they have!

Different accessories can have the power to change your look and help compliment your outfit and give you your own signature style. Here are some accessories you absolutely need to have:

A quality handbag

We always carry our lives in our handbags, and they are often seen as a status symbol that expresses our personality. Having the right kind of handbag can bring your whole look to new heights depending on your style. 

Do you prefer the chic and classic look or the sporty boho style? Make sure to get one that isn’t too big or else you’ll just end up putting in so much random stuff.

Woman in coat walking in the street

A trusty pair of sunglasses

 Your eyes are important, not only are they the window into your soul, they also allow you to see the beauty of the world around you. So in order to protect your eyes and still look fabulous you need a decent (maybe even designer) pair of sunglasses. 

Choose a pair that suits your personal style so you look great and keep your eyes safe. Cat eye and aviators are a classic style that still remains popular today!

A stylish watch

Some might say that thanks to cell phones watches have become a bit of an outdated accessory, but when it comes to practicality this is not always the case. There are also those who don’t like carrying around the weight of a watch.

Wrist watches are a timeless accessory that comes in many shapes and sizes to make anyone look great. You can choose a slim and elegant style or a fun and chunky one.

A decent pair of flat shoes

As women it is in our nature to just LOVE shoes! We can’t help it, with so many different styles and colours, it’s no wonder most men freak out when they see our shoe closets. Though most of us love a gorgeous pair of heels, it is best to carry a comfortable, yet still stylish pair of flats on hand at all times. 

Though the saying is ‘beauty is pain’ that doesn’t mean we always have to be in pain! Choose the right pair of flats that can work with any outfit, from chic to sporty, and make sure to choose either neutral or black colours as they usually go with anything.

A set of stunning studs

I don’t imagine that every woman in the world has their ears pierced, but for those who do you need to make sure you have a stylish pair of studs to wear wherever you go. This accessory is appropriate for all generations and can go with any face shape, style and occasion. 

There are a number of styles you can choose from, and most of them pair well with every outfit, from gold to silver, pearls to diamonds, there are so many varieties.

Don’t forget your confidence!

Finally above all else, make sure you walk out of your house feeling confident and absolutely fabulous. Be proud of your style and choices you have made with your outfit, nothing stands out more and draws more eyes than a woman walking tall and confident. 

While other accessories might be pricey confidence is free and comes right from within.

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